mercredi 23 novembre 2016

Stretching: an effective addition to chiropractic care

From the outset, chiropractors have been advising their patients to practice a simple stretching program. Indeed, regular stretches and chiropractic adjustments are compatible and your stretching sessions will contribute to the benefits of the chiropractic treatments you receive.

There are two types of stretching: static and dynamic. Static stretches, as the name suggests, have you holding a certain position for several seconds in order to loosen the muscles, joints and ligaments. Dynamic stretching has you moving parts of the body in order to improve flexibility. Both types of stretching are very beneficial and help avoid joint injuries. It is always recommended to start with static stretching.

The benefits of stretching are numerous. They help to:

  • increase mobility of the spine, by reducing stiffness and pressure on invertebral discs, ligaments and joints*
  • limit joint wear*
  • reduce muscle tension: lengthen and relax muscles and tendons, which makes them more flexible and helps reduce the risk of injury*
  • increase movement amplitude*
  • improve posture*
  • relax and relieve tensions in the body and mind
Stretching tips:
  • Stretch every day if possible. This will do you good. 
  • Always warm up before starting a stretching program: walk a few minutes to activate your body, awaken and relax your muscles.
  • During a pregnancy, the ligaments of the body are more relaxed than normal, due to the relaxin hormone produced in the body. Thus, you must be aware not to stretch beyond the body's normal capacity during pregnancy.
Ask your chiropractor for a stretching program tailored to your condition!

*Reference: Prévenir et soigner le mal de dos. British Medical Association. Éditions Broquet. 2014.p. 42-43

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