vendredi 28 avril 2017

The vertebral subluxation complex

The vertebral subluxation complex is one of the concepts at the heart of chiropractic.

A subluxation happens when there is a partial dislocation of the bones in a joint causing a loss of normal contact between the two joint surfaces. Thus, the vertebral subluxation complex is a vertebral disturbance: a malfunctioning of the vertebral joint, which can cause restriction of movement of certain joints. This complex is accompanied by a loss in the quality of the articular movement and homeostasis breakdown, that is to say of the regulation process by which the organism maintains its internal environment in equilibrium.

The vertebral subluxation complex creates displacement or misalignment of the vertebrae and can cause an imbalance of the nervous system. Indeed, when your spine is not functioning properly, your nervous system cannot express itself freely: it is affected because the nerve impulse is impeded. In other words, subluxations can affect communication between the body and the brain; that is why we call them nerve interference. When they restrict the nervous transmission, your body is no longer functioning at 100% capacity and your health and vitality are compromised. They can therefore cause malfunctioning and diseases.

The most common causes of the vertebral subluxation complex are poor lifestyle habits, poor posture, trauma or constant stress. Thus, your bad posture, lifestyle choices and stress level can create an imbalance in your ligaments and muscles and contribute to the onset of inflammation surrounding the vertebral joints.

In the next article, we will discuss vertebral degeneration, the process accompanying the vertebral subluxation complex. Review our blog post on the anatomy of the spine  to refresh your memory!

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